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the childlike innocence preservation society

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Hi! [Apr. 26th, 2005|02:54 pm]
the childlike innocence preservation society

[mood |hyperhyper]

Hi...my name's Bella. I'm almost 20, but still consider myself a kid in many ways. I'm studying early childhood at uni, so when I finish I want to be a preschool teacher or primary school teacher. In fact, I probably should be working on an assignment now instead of writing this!!

I looooove the Simpsons and other funny kids shows. I really really like kids books. In fact, I only started reading adult books about a year ago. I still read kids books sometimes, though. I'm writing a kids book aswell, it's all good

This seems like a sweet community...

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Salutations [Mar. 9th, 2005|02:10 pm]
the childlike innocence preservation society

[mood |crazychildish]
[music |Swing low sweet chariot [in my head]]

My name is Kate, and I'm a 20 year old child.
My bedroom is filled with hoards of relics from my childhood, and my bed covered with Carebears and toys.
My brain is filled with dreams and lullabies, and I never want to grow up.
I often run away to avoid reality, and end up in the country with friends. We climb pine trees and play make believe. I love it more than anything.
I am obsessed with all things childlike - Lewis Carroll, JM Barrie, The Little Prince, Lullabies and games.
I'm pleased to have found a place where I can be myself.
Thankyou for having me here!
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Wow. [Feb. 23rd, 2005|11:49 pm]
the childlike innocence preservation society

[mood |awake]
[music |Vienna -Billy Joel]

How could I go so long without finding this community? I love all things from my childhood, my friends like to say I've never grown up. And I don't really plan too.

I'm sixteen and I watch Nick Jr. I admit it! Although, since Steve left Blue's Clues I haven't been as interested in that particular show, but I still love most of it. Not to mention nothing can make me get rid of my Disney movies. (except my mother who gave them to my cousins, but I try and babysit them as often as possible and watch them.) I don't have any little siblings, so when a new 'kid' movie comes out, I usually invite myself along with my little cousins or friends with little siblings. XD

One more thing about me that will never grow up-I still have my old Raffe record. Does anyone else remember him? I loved him as a kid and could just never bare to part with him.
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curious question? [Jan. 26th, 2005|11:34 am]
the childlike innocence preservation society

[mood |curiouscurious]

So I work at this store called Build-a-Bear Workshop. It's a very fun place for me where I can relax and not think about the taxing ways of adult life and basically play around with stuffed animals all day long. MY inner child loves it there. But that' beside the point. At this store, we have parties where we play games with the children. You know, like Little Sally Walker, or Duck, Duck Goose, Simon Says, and the Hokey Pokey.

But the store has been around for years, and so the original games are getting slightly old. My question to all that read this is what other types of games do you remember, or at lest, would suggest to indulge myself and our guests with? Any type of input at all, would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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(no subject) [Jan. 13th, 2005|01:57 am]
the childlike innocence preservation society

hello i just joined live journal and this looked like just the place for me. i'm almost 18 and boy do i miss being a kid. i still buy play mobiles and sleep with stuffed animals. in many other ways i'm very grown up but then i always was even as a kid.
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What a Great Community [Nov. 13th, 2004|08:05 pm]
the childlike innocence preservation society
[music |"I'm Just a Bill" from School House Rock]

Hey, my name is Carmen, I'm new. This community is majorly awesome because I am 16 going on 3. I'm addicted to Arthur, Disney, Dr.Seuss, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Old Nickelodeon, Pokemon and a bunch of things I'm deemed "too old for". I love coloring books, I color in my Florida Marlins and The Wiggles coloring books when I'm bored. I have sooooo much fun going to toy stores and still use my tamagotchi from back in the day (though I think they're coming back). Just thought I'd introduce myself and this community is awesome because really, the only way to be happy is to be a kid.
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Smitten? [Sep. 24th, 2004|11:42 am]
the childlike innocence preservation society

[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |Robert Pollard - The Ash Gray Proclamation]

These appeared on my friends list as something barf-worthy, but I think they're adorable.
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2004|12:19 pm]
the childlike innocence preservation society
Here's a virus being e-mailed to lj users and it looks like this:

Dear LiveJournal user,
We have recently noticed that you haven't updated your LiveJournal in
awhile. If you would like to keep your LiveJournal account, you must sign in
within the next 24 hours.
You may sign in at: {link removed}
Failure to sign in within the next 24 hours will result in account termination.

Please, post this in your personal journal and in your communities, even if it's off-topic for the community. This is very important
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Jakers! [Aug. 14th, 2004|09:32 pm]
the childlike innocence preservation society
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Katie Melua;LEARNIN' THE BLUES]


Normally, I'm not a fan of computer generated cartoons..
but how can you NOT love a trio of farm animals with
irish accents? :D
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I Spy! [Aug. 7th, 2004|11:13 am]
the childlike innocence preservation society

[mood |amusedamused]
[music |cruel summer - the gogo's]

This morning I was chanel surfing, and I found this show on like, HBO Family, and it was I Spy! I watched for about 10 minutes. It made me realize how much I used to love those books when I was a kid. Except I don't know where those books are now, they might be at my Grandma's house, along with all my other childhood memories *sigh*. Anyway, did anybody else love the I Spy books as much as I did?
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