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secondchildhood's Journal

the childlike innocence preservation society
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This is a place to express your unabashed love for all the things people might say you're too old for. Most especially books, teevee shows, current pop culture and aesthetics aimed at the preschool set.

It is a place to wear your heart on your sleeve and be silly. It is a safe place, like being in a blanket and pillow fort. It is about keeping alive in one's self a sense of wonder. If you can combine innocence and intellect, it is a great thing.

Membership requirements:

  • open mind!
  • childlike innocence!
  • extreme kindness!
  • preparedness to make friends!
  • high tolerance for fluffies and silliness!

Don't worry about shyness. We are shy too. You'll fit right in!

Created by _violetcrumble_ (Megan) and co-reigned over by colouredvinyl (Jeff)